No Doc Loans from Private Lenders

Unlike banks, No Doc Loans from Private Lenders or hard money is supplied by private money lenders. The term hard money implies that it is secured by real assets, such as a property. Hard money loans are generally easier to obtain as compared to bank loans. But they come up with huge cost and risk to the borrower. Many startups or new entrepreneurs go for this option when they fail to get any bank loans. Let’s discuss some of the important concepts attached with a private money lender.

Private Lenders

Private Lenders are any individuals or firms that has an amount of money to lend to a borrower. Some hard money lenders have a large amount of cash available which a small number of people or businesses tend to borrow. Other lenders are large firms who have hundreds to thousands of clients in small businesses or individuals. These lenders are normally merchant cash advance providers that lend money to businesses on the condition of receiving a share in their future earnings.

How process works?

Hard money lenders loan money to small businesses and individuals and secure the loans as a share in the borrowing party’s returns. Obviously there are certain limitations in this process. Lenders tend to pick up only those businesses who have a solid security to offer, for example, a house which will be taken over by the lender in case of non-payment. However, another option lenders go for is asking a share in the business’s future earnings. A percentage of the business’s credit card transactions is automatically deducted in this process to provide the lenders their share of return on loan provided.

Risks associated with Private Lenders


One major advantage that money providers get after giving loans is to work along with small businesses. The loans are very easy to apply and can be received within a few days of application. Another major benefit for businesses is that they do not have to provide a proven sales or business record to loan providers. This is especially helpful for start-ups.


Due to the high risks associated with borrowing money from a lender for any startup, you need to thoroughly check the lender’s profile and lending history. Try to approach other borrowers who have worked with this lender and get to know their experiences. You can also check your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints lodged against the lender.

Facts You Should Know About Low Doc Home Loans in Australia

Low doc home loans are those loans where the Self Employed borrower is either unable to or reluctant to submit evidence of lodged tax returns. Thus these loans are classified as high-risk home loans. A low-doc home advance is riskier when contrasted with the standard home credit yet it still has its very own requirements, which you should furnish to the bank so as to get an endorsement for the advance.

The requirements for securing a low doc home loan include:

As a borrower, you should probably give plentiful verification of having an unmistakable or great credit history. On the off chance that you have 2 small paid defaults, at that point also your advance will endorse yet anything over that will meet with dismissal. The 2 small paid defaults are allowed just if the amounts are under $500 and in the event that they are telco-related.

As a borrower, you should offer at least 20% value as security, in spite of the fact that the percentage may change starting with one loan specialist then onto the next and some lenders may take over 20%.

As a borrower, you will be required to demonstrate that you have experienced a registered ABN process for a specific time frame.

If you are unable to give confirmation of pay then you will be required to fill an income verification document.

Most of the low doc home loans interest rates are risk insured. There are some lenders who may absorb a specific cost appended to your mortgage insurance premium.
Most of the low-doc home loans are accessible either through non-banks or through non-conforming lenders.

The interest rate that is offered on any of the low doc home loans is regularly higher than any of the standard variable interest rate home loans. Off late, lenders have started to offer similar rates for both variable and low-doc home loans. There are a couple of differences between a standard home credit and a low-doc home advance and they are:

Low-doc home loans won’t require verification of pay or evidence of lodged tax returns, which is required while taking a standard home credit. You will need to have your Accountant verify the income stated or supply lodged BAS statements or Business Bank Statements to confirm the income declared.

Low-doc home loans are an increasingly appealing alternative for the Self Employed Australian.

Unsecured Small Business Loans in Australia

There are numerous small business owners who are looking for quick business loans and we provide them with that. The generic size of loan that small businesses apply for and easily qualify for is in the vicinity of $15 thousand to $25 thousand, however there are those who require over a $100 thousand and do get it equally easily. We do request all those who apply for the funding to be sure about their requirements.

Banks do not fund small businesses easily any more, and the reason for this is because they find small businesses to be risky investments. As a result of this, their qualification criteria are extremely stringent and due to this over 90% of all small business loan applications are rejected by the banks. We do provide small businesses with the small business funding that they require, and small businesses make up over 75% of all businesses in Australia on an average. The reason we can confidently state that we provide funding to small businesses is because our qualification criteria are very different from those of the banks. Mentioned below here are our qualification criteria, and based on these any small business owner can ascertain for themselves whether they qualify for the funding or not.

The business should be over 12 months old

The business owner should not be in bankruptcy

The business gross income needs to be at least $10 thousand a month or over that

The business needs to be a running business

These are the very simple criteria that we have, which are nothing like the criteria of the banks. Based on these almost every small business can apply for and receive the funding they require. Additional benefits of our simple qualification criteria are also mentioned below here. Credit scores are not a concern with us, and we often work with bad credit scores, the reason for this is because credit scores are not a part of our qualification criteria. Typically, we work with credit scores that are in the low to mid 500s, and we do fund them as well. Banks on the other hand do actually require credit scores that are at least 700s to work with a loan application.

The processing time frames that we have are also very quick, and typically we can provide you with the small business loans within a week to ten days tops. At the earliest we can provide you with the funding within 48 to 72 hours. Banks again cannot do this because of their extensive requirement of documents related to everything and stringent qualification criteria. Another great feature that we have for small business is the fact that we do not require collateral. Collateral is something that we do not require and its not part of our qualification criteria as well. This means that all our funding is unsecured. For more information related to the business capital, contact us.

Our funding team is available from Monday to Friday regular work hours. Also, if you wish to fill in the details on your own, click on the ‘apply now’ tab and fill in your details there which is the same thing.

How to Choose a Consumer Credit Counseling Agency?

There are numerous people struggling with debts and are unable to consolidate these debts into a home loan or an unsecured loan and are looking for help to come out of this mess. If you are the one who is seeking help, then you must consider taking help from consumer credit counseling agency. They have plenty of people who are willing to discuss about your debt problem and helping you to solve it without facing any further problem. But, due to so many agencies open round it became difficult to choose the right and helpful agency. That is why, here we try to explore few possible steps that help you to avoid the cheats and select the right counseling form for you.

Helpful Advice That Helps In Selecting The Right Counseling Agency

Look For A Non-Profit Agency

Selecting the non profit agency is the right choice at it helps in minimizing the cost of getting the credit counseling service. There are lots of non profit counseling agencies available that can provide you the needed assistance. But be careful while selecting the agency because some of them are holding non profit agency status has not legitimacy and there is possibility that they charge high fee that burden your pocket. There are numbers of legal non–profit agencies available that charges the nominal fee to give you the advice and necessary assistance.

Select The Agency With A Long History

Looking for agency having long history will give you assurance that it is legitimate and won’t go anywhere in between of your debt management plan. So try to find the agency that is working from at least 5 to 10 years and have the record to help many people.

Seek An Accredited Agency

Your selected agency should be accredited by the Financial Counselling Australia (FCA) is the peak body for financial counsellors in Australia.

Make Sure Agency Have Certified Counselors

Try to make sure that the counselors of the agency are professionals and have been certified by an independent organization. Checking about the counselors is important in order to make sure that you are working with a person who knows how to handle bad debts.

Things To Remember

Remember that you are going to provide your personal financial information to the counseling agency. So, it is your duty to check out the legality and reputation of the agency before taking any decision.

Speak to the National Debt Helpline

Call the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007. Their professional financial counsellors provide free and confidential advice. The helpline is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

You can also visit the National Debt Helpline website. It has step-by-step guides explaining how to fix common debt problems.